Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses

Dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses.

Shabby Apple Dress 1-

This dress is inspired by the beach. A woman can wear this dress to the beach with sandals during the day and then add some great jewelery and sexy heels to be ready for a party that night. It is functional fun and sexy.

Fabric is light, stretchy and flowing. The bodice is layers of the fabric which overlap each other. It is a basic flowing skirt perfect for spring with surprise pockets to give a little personality, flare and functionality. I imagine this dress in white, but it would look great in any color pallet.


Jamie said...


How fun! I am really glad that you are doing this. Starting is the key and once your kids are raised there is no stopping you. Watch out NEW YORK!!!


Katie said...

Love the stripes.

I'll pretty much wear anything with sailor-ish stripes!